Hi! I'm Maureen - I'm so excited to meet you! My story isn't all that exciting but I want to share a bit of myself with you. You see - I believe in radical honesty and vulnerability. Why? because I ask my clients to be so vulnerable with me and I feel It's only right that I do the same.

I grew up In Lakewood, OH and attended the Lakewood City Schools. I have an older brother and two really awesome parents. After high school I moved to Rochester, NY to attend RIT to study Photojournalism. I spent four really difficult years there and I am the photographer I am today because of the standards set by my professors. I wouldn't trade It for anything. While in Rochester, I rented the upper half of an antebellum house from a married couple who also owned one of the top wedding photography studios in the region. I spent an entire summer working for them in their studio doing everything from editing to research to photographing weddings with them. I am endlessly grateful to them for what they taught me. 

After graduation I moved back to Lakewood because suddenly - I didn't want to be a news photographer any more. It was devastating and to be honest I still sometimes feel like I'm exploring and learning and not always sure what I want to do when I grow up. But the one constant has always been weddings and my love of making images of people - specifically people who love each other and love themselves. 

Over the last five years I have had the pleasure of not only capturing so many love stories but also photographing the 2016 season for the Cleveland Baseball Team, photographing furniture for Arhaus Furniture, and now I spend part of my week as an eCommerce photographer for American Greetings. People ask me all the time what my favorite thing to photograph is and while I truly just love making photographs - nothing makes me smile more than photographing people who love each other.

And that leads us to today with you reading this. 

I only book one wedding or two portrait sessions per month because I want to make sure my clients get the attention they deserve. 

Final Thoughts

I Love...

Andrew, my dogs Argo and June, my family, my plants, Coconut Tequila, & camping.

My favorite TV...

Parks and Rec, Criminal Minds, Fixer Upper, Stranger Things, & Shrill.


Any one with a good narrative. My Favorite Murder, The Teachers Pet, Let's Not Meet..to name a few. 

Music Is a Must...

The Avett Brothers, Johnny Cash, Phoebe Bridgers, and anything that will chill out my dogs.