Maureen MacGregor

The 5 and 20 Project

In early March of 2013, a group of 9 Rochester based photographers, set out on routes 5 and 20 with the intent of capturing a cross section of life along these rural highways. We all had different interests that we wanted to document. As a group, we amassed an archive of hundreds of rolls of film, hundreds of photographs. We met people who collected things, farmers, kids hanging out, skateboarders, historians, racecar drivers, and students. Beautiful old architecture, neatly kept trailer parks, and not so neatly kept trailer parks were found. Graveyards, rivers, fields, forgotten roadside motels, antique stores, museums, drive-ins, vineyards, good food, and good people. The beauty of Upstate New York and the Finger Lakes region is unique and unmatched. The lakes and their surrounding hills, formed by glaciers two million years ago, create a landscape beautiful and magnificent. The people of this area are unmatched in their kindness and openness; we were welcomed into homes, shown personal collections, told stories we will never forget. This book, however, is not the end of our project. There is so much more left to photograph; so many doors left to knock on; so many stories still waiting to be heard. For now, though, we must say goodbye. But we will be back: the road will never stop calling. 

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